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Monday, March 15, 2010

New Simpson CPA Logo

Doug Simpson, a local Certified Public Accountant, contacted me for permission to use my Pennybacker Bridge photo in the header on his newly redesigned web site. He also mentioned that he was looking for someone to dessign a new logo as well. I submit an attend at the logo and we ran with it. The result is here:

Simpson CPA Logo

Simpson CPA Logo

You can see how it all came together at

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Maven with Flex

Maven is a tool that provides an uniform and easy build process for your projects. In real life this means generally that you describe your project in one xml file and Maven reads this information to compile and package your project. The pros of this approach are that the project can be set up quickly in new environment, you can quite transparently add new features, and you have all the time clear overview of libraries that are used in your project.

Get the Maven Flex Plugin:
The Maven Flex Plugin (mvnflexplugin) is a Maven 2 plugin designed to enable continuous integration for Adobe Flex libraries and applications, and to benefit of the power of Apache Maven.
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